Just a few years ago, if you asked the average person if they had heard of the blockchain the answer would have been, undoubtedly, no. Over the past decade or so, blockchain technology has grown to be used across a variety of networks and continues to become more prevalent even today. The rise of the cryptocurrency industry has brought with it a desire to learn more about blockchain technology and its applications.

So why is blockchain taking off all of a sudden and how does it work? Let’s take a look at the rise of blockchain and how it can change the way it can change the way individuals and businesses handle data and business transactions.


Blockchain technology takes traditional records and ledgers and decentralizes them, making them completely independent from any controlling power, such as institutions and governments. An open source ledger that is visible to users across the network brings a level of security that is unmatched. Sounds weird doesn’t it; a completely transparent ledger being safer than something that is safely secured in a bank.

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What Is Cryptocurrency Mining?

You are probably aware that mining, in our current world, is the process of obtaining coal from a mine. Essentially, the fundamental objective of cryptocurrency miners is the same; to mine Blocks. In blockchain, mining is the process of verifying transactions on the...

Eastern Europe Takes 22% of Funds Raised in ICOs

Members of the Russian crypto community claim the rules go too far and are not synchronized with the legislation introduced in the Duma. “Mincomsvyaz should not be managing these financial platforms,” said Arseniy Shteltsin, executive director of the Russian...

Strict Rules for ICOs Prepared in Russia

A new set of regulations for ICOs has been presented by the Russian Ministry of Communications. Companies organizing token sales will be obliged to guarantee that investors can sell back their tokens. Coin issuers will have to prove they control at least 100 million...

Bitcoin Cash Moves Towards 0-Confirmation Adoption

About four years ago before bitcoin cash was even born, Gavin Andresen and Tom Harding wrote some code that created a relay for the BTC network that would prevent double spend attacks. This patch would allow the use of zero-confirmations in a much safer manner. The...

Bitcoin Cash Community Bolsters Instant Transactions

The zero confirmation discussion has been talked about for quite some time in the cryptocurrency space and well before bitcoin cash existed. In the early days, there were many heated debates on whether or not accepting bitcoin transactions without a miner confirmation...
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