A number of large corporations, including Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, and SAP, have started to take notice of, and invest in, blockchain technology. Enterprise customers are interested in the blockchain because it can help reduce fraud, increase transparency, and provide secure record keeping. Blockchain technology has started showing up in such diverse fields as cybersecurity, insurance, and supply chain management.

Less technically savvy corporations are starting to dip their toes in the water, but there’s a huge gap between the desire to invest in blockchain technology and developers with the skills to implement it. Not being able to meet the demand in-house, some companies are looking to find service providers who can make the task easier. A number of companies have sprung up in this “Blockchain-as-a-Service” market, which is predicted to grow to $20 Billion in size by 2025.

Here’s a look at some of the existing players in this space, and some new contenders that will become operational in 2018.

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